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Questions for choosing a camera

Questions for choosing a camera

Buying a Camera?  Ask these questions first …

I need a camera that can take?

Photos only

Video only

Photos and Videos

Why do you need a camera?





How often will use your camera:

Occasionally – ie. every 6 months

Often – ie. every weekend

All the time – ie. 5 days a week

What is your budget?

Less than $300

$300 - $700

$700 - $1200

Over $1200

Other questions

How important is size and portability to you?

What type of features are you looking for? (long zoom, image stabilization, large LCD display etc)

What conditions will you be largely photographing in? (indoors, outdoors, low light, bright light)

Will you largely stay in auto mode or do you want to learn the art of photography?

What experience level do you have with cameras?

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